Get involved

NRGcoin is a toolset that enables early adopters to build next-generation communities. See below how you can get involved.

For utilities

A great way to demonstrate the capabilities of NRGcoin is to deploy it in real-world pilots. Utilities can provide access to grid-connected producers and consumers and help test NRGcoin in real homes. If you are a utility looking for innovative solutions and busness models, do get in touch.

For technology providers

The NRGcoin concept is implemented in gateway devices that communicate with a blockchain-based Smart Contract. The solution will greatly benefit from more robust security and privacy functionality and can be bundled with additional complementary services on top of NRGcoin. Get in touch if you see potential synergies with the services your enterprise offers.

For researchers

The NRGcoin concept is mainly being developed at an academic institution. We want to ensure that the concept is robust before deploying it in practice. Researchers who believe they can contribute enhancing the concept are encouraged to get in contact.

For hackers

You have knowledge and skills in coding Smart Contracts? You are interested in helping make the NRGcoin concept a reality? Get in touch with the NRGcoin team to find out how we can work together.